Gabrielle, Holistic Esthetician & Owner

Born and raised in Alaska, Gabrielle has always had an appreciation for Mother Earth and all she provides. Growing up, she spent her summers foraging for flowers, mushrooms and berries, which her parents would use to make tinctures and home remedies. 

As an Esthetician, Gabrielle continues to incorporate flowers, herbs, and spices into her services, and prides herself on empowering her clients to maintain their skin wellness between visits by simply opening their pantry door.

Having suffered with cystic acne since a teenager, Gabrielle started her career as a makeup artist. She understood the disappointment, trauma, and unfortunate humiliation associated with acne and felt the only way to handle her skin was by covering it up. 

Not until her late twenties when her acne was at its absolute worse did she finally ditch all her pharmaceuticals and toxic topical products for a simplistic, all natural skin care routine. Making her own oil blends, and experimenting with herbs, Gabrielle finally started to see positive results.  This is when she decided to quit her full time job, go to Esthetician school, and learn all about the skin from the inside out. 

About Bespoke Esthetics

/bəˈspōk/ definition: made for a particular customer or user.

Gabrielle opened Bespoke Esthetics in 2019 to give Chicagoans a unique, relaxing experience while educating them on their skin, and how to best care for it. Skincare is not one size fits all, and as an intuitive practitioner, Gabrielle uses her instincts and experience to tailor services to her clients needs. No two people are the same, and because our skin is a living, thriving, organism, its important to adjust products and routines to accommodate it. 

Here at Bespoke, there is zero judgement. Only a safe, comfortable and healing environment to relax and learn all about the clean beauty world.

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