Clean Beauty tailored to you.

Clean Beauty tailored to you.

Clean Beauty tailored to you. Clean Beauty tailored to you. Clean Beauty tailored to you.

Don't compromise your health for beauty. At Bespoke Esthetics we use the cleanest ingredients in our products and services. 

Regarding covid-19: Updated april 4th, 2020

Hello Lovely,

As we all know, there is a mandatory "Shelter in Place" order for the whole state of Illinois. With this order, all "non essential" businesses will close their doors in hopes of minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As of April 4th, I will remain closed until further notice. 

This is a bizarre, and wildly unpredictable time for not only our beloved city of Chicago, but sadly the whole world. During this crisis, I urge you to focus on the positives. I am seeing communities come together to support their most vulnerable. Families spending precious time together, helpers providing guidance and resources to those in need, and even our beautiful planet is getting a break from pollution. I am also grateful that so many people, including myself, have been self quarantining and practicing social distancing despite not necessarily falling within the "at risk" category. 

With that said, I am worried about the repercussions this lock down will have on my precious business. Bespoke Esthetics is my pride and joy. My livelihood. My blood, sweat, and tears. And my absolute biggest accomplishment to date. I am blessed to have had such a successful start to what I can only hope is an even better future, but as a new small business who relies solely on income from services, it goes without saying that taking this much time away from the spa will be detrimental. 

I fully acknowledge and understand that I am not alone in my worry, and that these times are financially trying on many individuals. But because I have received many calls, texts, and emails from my beautiful clients asking how they can help me, and my business, I wanted to take a moment to write this note, and to address their question. 

First, I can't express enough the importance of taking this issue seriously. I beg of you, if you are able to stay at home, please do so. I write this message as I sit next to my 66 year old mother with severe asthma, who has only one functioning lung, and is currently on oxygen. She is highly at risk, and many of us could be carriers without even knowing it. So staying home is the best way to prevent the spread, and the faster we all comply, the quicker we can get better, and the sooner I can get back to work.  Secondly, I offer electronic gift certificates and facial packages on my website. By pre-paying for your services, it allows me to receive an income, and the total amount will be applied to your next appointment when business is ready to resume.

I know as community, we will get through this. There will be good days, and there will be bad days, but together, we will succeed. I appreciate, more than I can ever say in words, the outpouring of love I've received. I know I am blessed, and I will never take that for granted. I wish you all safety, health, and wellness. And please please please...don't shave!





Our philosophy on skincare is SIMPLE. Skincare doesn't need to be expensive, require an extensive routine, nor does it need to be aggressive for you to achieve ultimate skin health.  Focusing on clean, green, natural, and sustainable ingredients, Bespoke Esthetics is bringing simplistic self care and skin wellness to Chicagoans, one facial at a time. 

Customized Organic Non Toxic Facials by Holistic Esthetician Gabrielle Stepan

Customized Facials

Brow & Lash Tinting

Gentle Hair Removal

No two people are the same, so all facials are customized to your individual needs and desired results. Using a combination of touch, massage, products, and energy, you will leave feeling renewed.  

Non Toxic Soft Wax, Hard Wax, and Sugaring

Gentle Hair Removal

Brow & Lash Tinting

Gentle Hair Removal

Full body hard wax, soft wax, and sugaring services available. 

All formulas are made using clean, minimal ingredients, resulting in a gentler hair removal experience. 

Plant Based Gluten Free Lanolin Free Vegan Vegetable Dye

Brow & Lash Tinting

Brow & Lash Tinting

Brow & Lash Tinting

We use a gentle ammonia free formula made without gluten, lanolin, nut oils, or animal byproducts. Our tint results in darker, fuller appearing brows & lashes for up to 3 weeks. 

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